Our Bookcalf is produced using calfskins mainly of Scandinavain origin. These are aniline dyed dried on glass sheets create a very smooth and attractive grain surface. The skins are shaved to 0.6mm and have a typical area range of 0.70 - 0.95m2 (approximately 7.5 - 10.25ft2). We do not apply any coating to the leather surface retains its absorbency and lends itself to further dyeing by the user. Bookcalf is deadly suited for hand tooling and finishing, either "blind" or with fail leaf. The leather is available in the 16 standard shades shown opposite and in grades I, II and III

We also offer "Repair Calf" in an extended range of brown and tan shades, as shown below, for use mainly in book restoration and repair. Please note the prefix "R" to distinguish these from our standard colour numbers. The specification is similar to Bookcalf, however skins are normally only available in grades II, III and IV

A range of Bookcalf Leather